Distribution Reinvestment Plan

Distribution Reinvestment Plan

Cromwell Property Group's Distribution Reinvestment Plan ("DRP" or "the Plan") provides Stapled Securityholders with a method of automatically reinvesting all or part of their Distributions in Stapled Securities.

If you wish to participate in the Plan, you should read the DRP Booklet and complete and sign a Plan Election Form and send it to Cromwell Property Group’s Registry, Link Market Services Limited.

Additional Plan Election Forms are available upon request by calling Link Market Services on 1300 550 841.

Features of the plan

  • Participation is voluntary
  • You can have all or part of your Stapled Securities participating in the Plan
  • No fees, brokerage or other transaction costs for Stapled Securities issued under the Plan
  • You can join, withdraw or vary your participation in the Plan at any time
  • Stapled Securities acquired under the Plan will rank equally with existing Stapled Securities
  • Stapled Securities may be issued at a Discount
  • Plan statements outlining the Distribution calculation and details of your participation will be mailed to you after each Distribution Payment Date
  • Distributions payable to you will be automatically reinvested in Stapled Securities.

Key DRP Documentation