Each year, more than six billion sqm of buildings are constructed using carbon-intensive materials such as glass, iron, steel, and concrete. One way of balancing the need to build against the need to control emissions is through more sustainable construction methods and this has led to a return to timber – a versatile material that can be used across all sectors.

The latest edition of the Real Asset Media Impact magazine features a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities of timber use within new building construction as well as how this versatile and less carbon-intensive material can contribute to achieving a net-zero carbon emissions target, based on Alex Dunn and Tom Duncan’s recent Timber Building Report.

The feature concludes with an interview with Managing Director Europe, Pertti Vanhanen, where he gives his insights on the importance of ESG and how timber can play its part in delivering its goals, as an advocate of this sustainable material.

The full ‘Timber Special’ section can be found by clicking here.