Environment Pillar

Cromwell’s Environment Pillar objective is to improve the operational performance of our assets whilst actively reducing the environmental impact of our properties, funds and operations. Our Environmental Pillar heads in Australia and Europe are responsible for asset management and property operations across respective property portfolios.

Material topics identified for management and disclosure in 2020 and 2021:

Climate Change - Transitioning to a Zero Carbon Future
The transition of the global economy to a zero carbon future presents both risks and opportunities to Cromwell. As a leader in the built environment, we have an opportunity to work with our peers and within our business to minimise the carbon footprint of our assets. However, reputational and economic risks remain from delayed action. We will set appropriate targets and strategies to develop, operate and refurbish property assets to align with stakeholder expectation.​
Climate Change - Direct Impacts
​The physical impacts of a changing climate, including severe weather events, rising sea levels and shifting temperature zones, will have an increasing impact across our portfolio.​
Resourceful and Smart Buildings and Operations
We must understand and manage the impacts of our buildings and operations including waste, materials, water, energy, biodiversity and greenhouse gas emissions. Cromwell is seeing an emerging trend in 'smart building' development. We are beginning to see buildings that operate interactively and independently enhancing customer service, resource efficiency and operational improvements with services that include; waste to energy technology, rainwater collection and vertical farm.

Cromwell owns, operates and invests in commercial properties across Australia, Europe and New Zealand.
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