Stakeholder Pillar

Cromwell is committed to being open and honest with stakeholders, providing accurate and timely information, listening to and responding to stakeholder views and concerns, evaluating the effectiveness of stakeholder engagement activities and working to continually improve them.

Cromwell seeks to adopt a ‘customer focused approach’ to stakeholder engagement. This involves actively engaging with key identified stakeholder groups to better understand the issues that matter to them in order to be able to respond to their concerns appropriately.

Material topics identified for management and disclosure in 2020 and 2021:

Stakeholder Engagement
Develop and maintain strong relationships with employees, investors, tenants, direct third-party suppliers, government and the community.
Enhancing Occupant Experience
As cities become more urbanised, buildings become more than just a place to live or work. Cromwell must understand and respond to our customers' changing needs, and demand for more services. Creating modern and attractive workspaces which encourage work-life balance and support productivity andlifestyle improvements for our tenants.‚Äč

Insight Magazine is published by Cromwell for securityholders, investors, financial planners and other stakeholders.
Research and Insight