Performance & Reports

Cromwell has been reporting against the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability reporting guidelines since 2009 and reports its sustainability performance on an annual financial year cycle, ending 30 June.  We have applied the GRI Standards to the preparation of our latest report and utilise the Reporting Principles for Defining Report Content. This report is ‘in accordance’ with the GRI Core option for reporting. For more details, please visit

The current and historical sustainability reports can be found below.

Sustainability Report

This year’s Sustainability Report builds on our materiality review and sets targets to progressively increase our capability to report across each of the sustainability pillars that we have identified as material to our business.

We remain committed to our journey to foster a culture where sustainability is part of who we are and what we do, where we are continually implementing initiatives to learn, innovate and improve as a business.

Phil Cowling
Head of Sustainability and Development