'Our people and our values underpin our sustainability framework and define our corporate and social responsibility. The framework is designed to improve performance and support a responsible and balanced pathway to sustained business success. We are committed to acting responsibly and proactively, to understand, measure, manage and communicate the impacts of our activities.'

Our sustainability initiatives have been divided into five (5) Framework Pillars. Each pillar has been defined and an executive or senior manager appointed as the pillar “owner”. Each owner is responsible for identifying, setting and delivering the objectives and targets associated with that pillar. The pillars are:

People - Our people are our strength. We recognise the power of the individual to make a difference, and the collective power of the team to drive a sustainable, competitive advantage

Stakeholders - To actively engage with our key stakeholders in order to understand the issues that matter to them and to respond appropriately.

Governance - To manage risk and protect our investors’ interests through best practice governance processes and procedures.

Economic - To ensure we can continue to create prosperity for our investors from sustainable business practices.

Environment - We are committed to improving the operational performance, and actively reducing the environmental impact of, our properties, funds and operations.

CMW Sustainability 2019

Cromwell’s Sustainability Framework Process

Each year Cromwell undertakes a materiality review to identify the key topics that are most important to the business and to stakeholders.
The review considers a range of inputs and factors including current and target sustainability performance, the corporate risk register and business strategy as well as threats and opportunities from emerging technologies and key trends.

The materiality review identifies key topics that are then used to define the sustainability and pillar objectives, actions, metrics and KPIs for the business.