Economic Pillar

Cromwell’s Economic Pillar objective is to provide securityholders with an attractive combination of stable long-term cash flows, demonstrated asset enhancement capabilities and transactional profits, and low risk exposure to International capital flows and European economic growth.

In 2018 Cromwell released its ‘Invest to Manage’ strategy. The Invest to Manage strategy prioritises investments where returns can be leveraged from additional management revenues to build value. The strategy uses existing balance sheet liquidity and asset recycling to fund a range of initiatives that build enterprise value, adding to medium-term earnings, generating a higher total shareholder return.


Topics identified for management in 2020:


To ensure we can continue to provide our investors with secure, growing distributions derived from sustainable business practices.


Investigating opportunities to utilise sustainable finance tools, such as green bonds, to grow our business. Identify and develop opportunities with measurable sustainability outcomes.


We operate in a rapidly evolving marketplace, with changing expectations for the services provided by our built environment. This is driven by urbanisation, the emergence of mega-cities, and changing demographics. We must position our business to predict and capitalise on future opportunities, and build and enable a built environment to meet the needs of current and future generations.