5 Pillars Framework

Cromwell’s Board of Directors is the principal governance body within the organisation. The Board consists of eight Directors, including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and is responsible for overall corporate governance.

The Board adopts appropriate policies and procedures to guide all company functions and delegates authorities to the CEO and Executive management team.

Cromwell’s Sustainability Committee includes representatives from each area of the business and is responsible for the ‘5 Pillars’ sustainability framework and ensuring the identified corporate social governance commitments are implemented.

The Committee also provides regular reporting and progress updates to the CEO and Board of Directors, employees and other key stakeholders as well as preparing the Annual Sustainability Report.

The Pillars


Our people are our strength. We recognise the power of the individual to make a difference, and the collective power of the team to drive sustainable, competitive advantage.

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To actively engage with our key stakeholders in order to understand the causes that matter to them and make a positive contribution to our community.

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To manage risk and protect our investors’ interests through best practice governance processes and procedures.

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To ensure we can continue to provide our investors with secure, growing distributions derived from sustainable business practices.

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We are committed to improving the operational performance, and actively reducing the environmental impact of, our properties, funds and operations.

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