The Cromwell Property Group Foundation calls for nominations

Underpinning Cromwell’s values is the belief that we have a responsibility to support the communities in which we operate. Cromwell has a long history of supporting charitable organisations and continues to build on this legacy through the Cromwell Property Group Foundation (Foundation).

Foundation history

Established in 2014, the Foundation supports charities or organisations that provide support to, or conduct research into causes relevant to the mature-aged community. To date, the Foundation has donated $892,000, resulting in significant change to countless lives.

Corporate partners

Nominations now open

You can now nominate a cause or charitable organisation for consideration. To submit a charity, complete the nomination form and follow the nomination process outlined below by 30 April 2020.

Please note the following key considerations:

  1. All nominees must confirm their Australian Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status;
  2. The nominees must support the mature aged community;
  3. The funds must be allocated to a specific project and make a tangible difference; and
  4. Successful nominees must commit to providing Cromwell with regular updates.

Nominations process

MND and Me Foundation

The MND and Me Foundation holds the straightforward mission ‘to care and to cure’, and works to reduce the burden and stress of living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) by providing practical assistance to families, thereby helping them cope with their challenges.

In FY19, the Foundation donated $40,000 to the MND and Me Foundation, facilitating financial support for MND sufferers over the age of 65. This support is significant on a number of fronts.

In 2018, there were roughly 350 people living with MND in Queensland, 42% of which were aged 65 or older. People who are diagnosed at this age are not covered by the National Disability Insurance Scheme, instead falling under the cover of My Aged Care (MAC), which has a capped funding allocation and lengthy waiting periods to access the funds.

For those with MND, which can have large equipment requirements, the amount provided by MAC can fall short, which is detrimental to quality of life.

The Foundation’s support of the MND and Me Foundation has been used to bridge this gap, by so far providing four emergency respite grants to MND sufferers aged 65 or over. These grants have been used to assist those under severe financial stress and where there are no alternative options to access funding.

The traditional model of respite care requires an individual in need of support to move from their home into centre-based care for the short term, so carers can take a break. The Foundation’s support enables the MND and Me Foundation to provide families with a more modern, flexible and truly individual-focused approach to meaningful respite support.

The MND and Me Foundation Client Services Manager, Sarah Durand, visits all grant recipients and is able to observe how having access to vital funding can improve quality of life for Queenslanders living with MND.

Sarah discussed the impact of these grants on MND sufferers.

“Within my role as Client Services Manager, I get to see the difference that respite grants make on a daily basis, not only for people living with MND, but also their carers and loved ones.”

“These grants enable a carer to have a break with the knowledge that their loved one is going to be respected and cared for by qualified professionals. Knowing this alleviates some of the stress, worry and sometimes feeling of guilt for carers when they think of having a holiday.”

“Having the flexibility to access in-home respite is a great way of keeping the living arrangements consistent with minimum disruption to daily routines”.

Laura’s story

Laura applied for a grant to purchase in-home support services so her mother, who is also her full-time carer, could take a short holiday to visit other family members.

Having access to this in-home support enabled Laura’s mother to have a much-needed break with other members of the extended family with the knowledge that Laura was comfortable in her own surroundings.

Janice’s story

The MND and Me Foundation’s most recent grant enabled the recipient to fulfil her dying wish. Janice was a mature-aged lady who had been living with MND for 11 years. Unfortunately, she experienced a decline in her health as her MND symptoms were progressing rapidly.

Janice acknowledged she was approaching the end of her MND journey, and her only wish was to remain living in her own home with support available through to her passing. Janice received a respite grant, allowing her to access the in-home care she required to stay in her own home until she passed away.