Cromwell Property Group Foundation announces FY20 beneficiaries, total amount donated passes $1 million since inception

The Cromwell Property Group Foundation (Foundation) announced the Active Rehabilitation Research Foundation, Bolton Clarke, MercyCare and Griffith University and The Lady Musgrave Trust as this year’s beneficiaries.

“This year, a total of $166,400 was provided to four worthwhile causes and takes the total donations of the Foundation to more than $1 million since its 2014 inception,” said Foundation President and Cromwell CEO, Paul Weightman.

“This is a significant milestone and one we are very proud of.”

“The Foundation is focused on causes that often fly under the radar, but contribute to tangible change in the mature-aged community. This has continued this year with Active Rehabilitation, Bolton Clarke, MercyCare and Griffith University and The Lady Musgrave Trust all identifying worthy projects which will improve the lives of seniors,” Mr Weightman concluded.

Active Rehabilitation Research Foundation

The Active Rehabilitation Research Foundation has been provided with $33,900 to identify and prevent people at risk of falling, before they feel dizzy and fall. This research has the potential to improve patient quality of life, independence and freedom of movement as age progresses and may reduce costs to the healthcare system if the incidence of falls can be reduced.

Active Rehabilitation Research Foundation CEO, John Fitzgerald stated, “We are delighted to have been chosen as a beneficiary for the 2020 grants from the Cromwell Property Group Foundation.”

“The vestibular research we will undertake in the mature-age patients of our community is very important. It is a wonderful opportunity for smaller, efficient non-university and non-government research foundations like ours who traditionally struggle to attract research funding.”

Bolton Clarke

Bolton Clarke has been provided with $17,500 to fund the Be Healthy & Active programme. Targeted at Australians aged 60 and over, the programme provides practical and accessible education in the community to improve health outcomes, reduce avoidable disease and suffering, and therefore reduce the demand on health services. The Be Healthy & Active programme receives no government funding, and therefore relies entirely on philanthropic support.

“The Cromwell Property Group Foundation funding will allow us to reach more older people across Australia with accessible health information to support their wellbeing and help them stay connected and informed,” said National Be Healthy & Active Manager, Kerry Rendell.

MercyCare and Griffith University

MercyCare and Griffith University have been provided with $75,000 in FY20 for their Intergenerational Project. Australia’s oldest and youngest community members are currently facing significant issues that affect their wellbeing.

The approach, which has had success overseas, brings together individuals at either end of the age spectrum to forge relationships based around mutual activities and strengths. It is underpinned by both scientific research and the wisdom of previous generations.

The second phase of the Intergenerational Project led by Griffith University, involving MercyCare and Rehoboth Christian College, is designed to pioneer a co-designed model which will be sustainable, easy to implement and replicate, and reanimate individuals, care workers and community through reconnecting the generations.

Anneke Fitzgerald, PhD, a Professor of Health Management at Griffith University stated, “Griffith University, together with MercyCare and with the support of the Cromwell Property Group Foundation, aim to be at the centre of a virtual hub that will integrate visions, promote interactions and encourage participation in this renewed social model.”

The Lady Musgrave Trust

Established in 1885, The Lady Musgrave Trust (the Trust) is one of Queensland’s oldest charities, which provides life-saving services to vulnerable women and their children when they are facing critical homeless situations as a result of domestic violence, family breakdown and poverty.

The Foundation has added to its $40,000 FY19 donation with a further $40,000 in 2020. This year’s donation contributed to the Trust’s 12th Annual Forum held on 5 August discussing ‘Older women – Living on the Edge of Homelessness’ and the production and distribution of ‘The Handy Guide for Older Women’.

The Lady Musgrave Trust’s CEO, Karen Lyon Reid, said “The Cromwell Property Group Foundation strongly believes in supporting community - it is their values that will help us to make significant progress in our charity work and particularly this project. We are grateful to Cromwell for their support and collaboration on this project.”

The Foundation was established primarily to assist organisations that conduct research into or provide support to causes relevant to the mature aged community. Donations to the Cromwell Property Group Foundation of more than $2 are tax deductible. To donate, request a grant or seek more information, visit

Further information on each beneficiary is available here.